Through the introduction of Point of Care, DyonMed strives to catalyze amelioration of medical services thereby contributing to patients and to the community as a whole. DyonMed will thus leave its mark in the healthcare sector of Greece and other nearby countries it operates in.


Point of Care allows targeted diagnosis and treatment on three different levels.


  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment Evaluation
  • Prevention
Therapeutic areas


Helicobacter Pylori

Interventional Treatments:

  • Detection of urease enzymatic activity in gastric biopsies

Non interventional treatments:

  • Detection of helicobacter pylori through assay of human antibodies to the microbe in whole or fingerstick blood
  • Detection of helicobacter pylori through assay of microbe antigens shed in human stool
  • Assessment of a successful eradication therapy following management of h. pylori with antibiotics

Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome

  • Differential diagnosis of celiac disease
  • Differential diagnosis of inflammatory diseases

Inflammatory Diseases

  • Assessment of specific marks of intestinal inflammation
  • Assisting the evaluation of a potential relapse of inflammatory bowel diseases

Hepatitis B or C

  • Secondary prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma following assay for α-fetoprotein


Infectious Diseases

  • Confirmation of inflammation.
  • Assisting the differential diagnosis between viral and microbial infections.
  • Assaying a potential EBV infection.
  • Confirmation of a streptococcal infection.
  • Qualitative assay of key biochemical parameters in urine samples.



  • Detection of possible celiac disease in profiled patients
  • Determination of causative factors regarding the development of gastroenteritis in pediatric and adult patients
  • Confirmation of infection
  • Assisting the differential diagnosis between viral and bacterial infections
  • Assaying a potential EBV infection
  • Confirmation of a streptococcal infection
  • Qualitative assay of key biochemical parameters in urine samples
  • Assisting differential diagnosis between bowel hypersensitivity and intolerance in babies


Cardiovascular Diseases

  • Assaying for the presence of atherogenic factors.
  • Exclusion of ischemic events in acute coronary syndromes.
  • Exclusion of disseminated intravascular coagulation, deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.
  • Assaying albumin levels in urine of diabetic patients.
  • Integrated diagnosis of h. pylori in patients receiving anti-platelet treatment.


Primary Care & Secondary Prevention

  • Assisting the prevention of the upper digestive system
  • Assisting the prevention of colorectal cancer
  • Prevention of prostate cancer
  • Prevention of thyroid cancer
  • Timely diagnosis of celiac disease
  • Prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma

DyonMed and the healthcare professional break new grounds in establishing a direct and reliable diagnosis for the patient at the point of care and the point of need. Evaluating the course of treatment by means of suitable point of care devices complements the clinical evaluation by the medical professional, thereby awarding a patient with new choices.

While some professionals may be interested in performing prevention medicine in their practices, they often lack the means to do so. By providing with cutting edge Point of Care diagnostic tools to medical professionals, DyonMed can now assist them to orient patients toward disease prevention. This orientation elevates the professional to a new level of patient management as opposed to standard practices of “combating the patient disease”.

Finally, as disease prevention costs are just a tiny fraction of disease treatment costs, medical practitioners applying Point of Care devices and services contribute strongly to the containment of total payer-borne healthcare costs, thus offering a great service to the society.

Strategic Alliances

The first part of the name DyonMed or “dyon” refers to a high energy particle that transfers energy evenly between its two poles.


Strategic Alliances enjoy a prominent position in our philosophy. Both the medical professional and the patient are our allies. The “dyon” approach is all about sharing the need for improved patient care. DyonMed offers solutions facilitating treatment evaluation and disease prevention.


Our strategic alliances with foreign companies producing cutting edge Point of Care products is equally important. These allies entrust us with the marketing, distribution and growth of their products aimed at a maximized product life cycle. To achieve this ambitious goal, DyonMed needs to put forward am innovative and ground-breaking value proposition in the market such that tangible value is transferred to all our stakeholders in a concerted fashion. Our allied companies are the logical extension of our business practices and our corporate values. Together with our allies we seek new opportunities, embrace novel approaches and translate corporate vision into operational practice.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is important to DyonMed. We do not deem social responsibility as another fashionable buzzword, nor do we engulf it as a means to establish or spin our image. On the contrary, DyonMed practices and radiates the values of corporate responsibility as we strongly volunteer to make a difference to the society as a whole.


Prevention of colon cancer in highly prevalent populations, the management of streptococcal tonsillitis in the community and the screening of illegal immigrants for HIV and/or HCV are just a few examples of how DyonMed will collaborate with various stakeholders toward a truly benevolent cause.



EN ISO 9001:2015 (Νο: 20001200002924)
EN ISO 13485:2016 (Νο: 20302200002925)