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The first part of the name Dyonmed or “dyon” refers to a high energy particle that transfers energy evenly between its two poles. With this worldview as a cornerstone, we face our partners and look forward to collaborations of representation and promotion of our products or development of portfolios and products under the Brand of each of our partners (OBL).

Strategic alliances feature prominently in our philosophy. The “dyon” approach is about shared responsibility for providing innovative and high quality health services for patient care.

DyonMed with more than 13 years of experience in the development and manufacture of Point of Care Testing rapid diagnosis products is one of the few specialized companies in the field of introduction, diagnosis and self-testing , i.e. prevention at pharmacy level in Europe.

 At DyonMed we have developed special groups of Point of Care testing products, which are addressed to each country separately depending on the epidemiological model and the way in which the national health system of each country works.

So we fully support with initial assessment and research of needs and direct penetration in collaboration with representatives who provide networks to the respective customer groups, while at the same time we support with medical information training marketing departments.

«Cooperation with foreign countries presupposes the joint mapping of needs and the selection of specific products that will really provide solutions for immediate diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and, above all, prevention in large population groups through the pharmacy and health professionals.»

Christina Poulou,

CEO DyonMed SA




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