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The management of cardiovascular diseases is primarily based on the application of reliable and specialized Point of Care products using monoclonal antibodies, so that extremely important and necessary biomarkers for the diagnosis and management of emergencies can be determined with a single drop of blood.

DyonTroponin® Troponin I/T
Troponin I determination in whole capillary blood sample
(reliability – repeatability)> 99%

    DyonMicroalbumin® Microalbumin

Determination of albumin level in urine sample(for ml of morning urination)


    DyonDimer® D – Dimer

D-dimer determination in total capillary blood blockage 99% reliability, extremely high reliability and immediate diagnostic support in specific patient profiles.


     DyonCardiac 3 in 1® Cardiac Troponin, Myoglobin, CK-MB

Determining all three key heart markers separately, combining the answers can help significantly in the time of ischemic injury (reliability> 99%)