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DyonMed was founded in 2010 by experienced executives with a long service history in the pharmaceutical industry, and in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical product management, and health-related services.

The mission of DyonMed is to facilitate the work of health professionals and to improve medical services through the application of our products and advisory services.

We are a Greek company active in the development, research, manufacturing, trade, and promotion of medical and technological products and services under the “Point of Care” brand. The introduction of the “point of care” concept in Greece, as well as the development and manufacturing of the One Step Rapid Tests, were done exclusively by DyonMed. Point of Care is an innovative, reliable, and simple diagnostic practice that is applied by national health systems on a worldwide level, enabling doctors to make accurate clinical decisions requiring nothing more than a drop of blood and other biological material, without any equipment.

The Point of Care diagnostic solutions aid health professionals in diagnosing and answering basic health questions quickly, regardless of whether patients are in the medical practice, or in a clinic, health center or rural practice, or inside an ambulance, private home, or even en route to the emergency room.

Our operations are governed by and carried out through a total quality and innovation approach. We pursue and establish partnerships inspired by the scientific notion of dipoles, or “dyons”.

DyonMed has developed products for determining biomarkers in the most important treatment categories, ranging from gastroenterology, pediatrics, infections, and cardiovascular diseases to the prevention and management of Covid-19.

The swift combined efforts of our medical and research and development divisions enabled us, as DyonMed, to introduce our innovative Point of Care (One Step Rapid Tests) products, which comprise a comprehensive portfolio of Covid-19 management products manufactured in Greece (including: DyonCovig Ag®, Corona Ag®, SieloCovid Ag®, FluCov 2® (FLU AB Ag & Sars Cov2 Ag), DyonCovid19®, DyonCovid 19 S®, DyonCovid19-S neutro®, DyonMed Axceed P200®) ®) and intended for Covid-19 diagnosis, seasonal influenza differential diagnosis, assessment of natural immunity against Covid-19, and assessment of active immunization against Covid-19 after vaccination.