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Population screening programs

DyonMed provides a group of products that are used for the screening of large population groups for purposes of diagnosis or prevention. By collaborating with international and local medical organizations, we have developed specific protocols for the implementation of prevention programs, such as colorectal cancer prevention.

ALFA CONSULTANCY: Alfa Consultancy is our company’s division of consultants. This division, other than the provision of our products, enables us to design, organize, and implement screening programs at any given moment, in collaboration with public and/or private organizations.

The application of our specialized Point of Care products makes prevention feasible through the screening of large groups of asymptomatic patients.

Our company supports health professionals in the organization and implementation of all prevention programs and, for this purpose, offers its products at special prices.

Our prevention programs include:

  • Covid-19 prevention
  • Colorectal cancer prevention
  • Upper digestive tract cancer prevention
  • Prostate cancer prevention
  • Differential diagnosis of celiac disease in special population groups
  • Differential diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in special population groups
  • Secondary prevention of nephrotic syndrome in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus or hyperlipidemia